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vCISO helps organizations achieve an efficient balance between realizing opportunities for gains and minimizing vulnerabilities and losses caused by cyber risks.

By providing program management, governance, knowledge sharing, data analytics, incident response management and other value-added services, vCISO helps to create and maintain a Dynamic Cybersecurity Strategy that addresses today's new challenges.

CyberSecurity Program management

Cybersecurity Program Management helps organizations put in place a sound governance structure and risk management practices that to achieve value from their cybersecurity investment and reduce risk exposure when implementing, managing or expanding cybersecurity programs.

Risk management

The most effective way to assess, manage and control your cybersecurity risks is to objectively classify them. Our systematic approach allows to objectively identify all types of risks, determine their nature and estimate possible losses or gains using reliable methods.

Executive-level Reporting and Visualization

This offering is intended for executives who need to understand the current cybersecurity state of their company and visualize possible future states of cybersecurity. Our solution focuses on cybersecurity posture, including the presence of controls, as well as measured risk and predicted trends. While primarily intended for the business team, our offering also provides technical teams with a way to communicate these metrics to executives via interactive dashboards.

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