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SWIFT CSP Independent Assessment


We help your company pass the mandatory SWIFT CSP Independent Assessment

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What the SWIFT CSP Independent Assessment process looks like



As a first step, we negotiate and agree a contract. For speed, we can sign the contract electronically or via the platform.

SWIFT assessment preparation

Immediately after signing the contract, we send you a list of documents that you need to prepare for the assessment, and we also send you a detailed interview plan.


Interviews are conducted remotely. Thanks to a clear plan and prepared questionnaires, it takes as little time as possible.


Our approach allows us to independently assess an organization's level of compliance with the SWIFT Customer Security Programme. We report the gaps, recommended actions and their priority as soon as identified so that organizations can plan for relevant remediation activities in a timely manner. Once these activities are implemented, we assess them and finalize our report and the independent assessment completion letter.

Post-assessment support

Upon request, we can support with preparation for future assessment on mandatory and advisory controls within the scope of SWIFT Customer Security Programme e.g. to prepare for architecture type changes

Some reasons to start with us

Deadline is coming

The deadline for attestation, and independent assessment, is 31 December!

We save your time

Our approach allows assessments to be completed in 2 or 5 working days

We operate globally

We work with companies from all over the world and in their time zones

We work remotely

All our assessments take place remotely, no need to meet in the office. Ideal for remote teams

Optimal assessment methodology

A clear list of questions and list of documents allows us to reduce the workload of your team


We support your company after the assessment and help you complete the forms on the SWIFT KYC Security Attestation Portal


The standard assessment time is 5 work days.
Quick assessment in 2 work days.
The language – English.



Per assessment
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Per assessment

‘full’ independent assessment for 5 work days

Interview – 2 days (Online)

Report preparing – 3 workdays

Architecture Type (A1, A2 ,A3 ,A4, B)

Post-Assessment Support

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Per assessment
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The deadline for attestation and independent assessment is on

31 December!

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