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We ensure that you understand your current security posture, expose blind spots and give you recommendations on how to improve with every assessment.

Privacy Management

The Security and Privacy program assessment provides a streamlined, efficient way to identify risks and recommend measures to reduce or eliminate weaknesses in an existing IT environment. This evaluation service will allow you to choose between a high-level survey approach or a deep dive into specific processes within your target organization for thorough analysis.

Subject access request management

vDPO assists in implementing and managing an effective Subject Access Request (SAR) process by providing expert guidance on data protection laws and regulations and developing and maintaining policies and procedures for SAR management. Additionally, vDPO supports your company in responding to SARs by providing resources and expertise to ensure that requests are handled efficiently, accurately, and in compliance with data protection laws.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

vDPO helps implement Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) by providing guidance and expertise on data protection regulations and best practices. Additionally, vDPO supports DPIA by conducting risk assessments, identifying potential data protection risks, and recommending appropriate measures to mitigate those risks.

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